Ken Hom – Association with Celebrities

During a career which spans over six decades, Ken Hom has met royalty, presidents, prime ministers, celebrities and well-known personalities.

He has been called to create banquets and cook at some of the most prestigious events around the world, including a summit of 22 heads of state, No. 10 Downing Street, Chateau d’Yquem in Bordeaux, Blenheim Place in Oxford and the Milan Expo among others.

Of note, among royalty he has met King Charles III, when he was Prince of Wales; among prime ministers, Tony Blair and David Cameron for the UK, Jean Claude Junker for Belgium and Zhu Rongji for China; among celebrities, the late Tina Turner, Joanna Lumley, Kate Moss, Glenda Jackson; and among personalities, Sir Alex Ferguson, Jo Malone, David Bailey and Terry Waite.

He is highly respected among his fellow chefs and has collaborated with many on events as well as on special dinners.

A full list of Royalty, Prime Ministers and Presidents, Showbiz Celebrities, Personalities and world-renowned Chefs is found hereunder.

Ken Hom has cooked for presidents, prime ministers and many celebrities.

Royalty (United Kingdom)

King Charles III and Queen Consort, Camilla
Charles Spencer, 9th Earl Spencer
Jamie Spencer-Churchill, Duke of Marlborough, and Duchess
Prince Richard, Duke of Gloucester

Presidents, Prime Ministers & Chancellors:

Prime Minister of Austria Viktor Klima
Prime Minister of Belgium Jean-Luc Dehaene
Prime Minister of China Zhu Rongji
Prime Minister of Denmark Poul Nyrup Rasmussen
Prime Minister of Finland Paavo Lipponen
Prime Minister of France Jean-Pierre Raffarin
Prime Minister of Great Britain Tony Blair (Sir)
Prime Minister of Great Britain David Cameron
Prime Minister of Greece Constantinos Simitis
Prime Minister of Ireland Bertie Ahern
Prime Minister of ltaly Prof Romano Prodi
Prime Minister of Japan Ryutaro Hashimoto
Prime Minister of Luxembourg Jean-Claude Junker
Prime Minister of Malaysia Dr Mahathir bin Mohammed
Prime Minister of Portugal Eng Antonio Manuel de Oliveira Guterres
Prime Minister of Singapore Goh Chol Tong
Prime Minister of Spain Don Jose Maria Aznar Lopez
Prime Minister of Sweden Goran Persson
Prime Minister of Thailand Chuan Leekpai
Prime Minister of The Netherlands Wim Kok
Prime Minister of Vietnam Phan Van Khai
President of China Jiang Zemin
President of the EU Commission Jacques Santer
President of France Jacques Chirac
President of Germany Johannes Rau
President of Indonesia Dr B J Habibie
President of Korea Kim Dae-jung
President of Taiwan Lee Teng-hui
President of the Philippines Cory Aquino
Chancellor of Germany Helmut Kohl
Chief Executive Officer of Hong Kong Donald Tsang
Sultan of Brunei Haji Hassanal Bolkiah

Showbiz Celebrities:

Andrews, Julie
Atkinson, Rowan
Baron Cohen, Sasha (Ali G)
Beard, James
Bonneville, Hugh
Claiborne, Craig
Cheung, Leslie
Cleese, John
Curtis, Jamie Lee
Curtis, Richard
Deayton, Angus
Faithfull, Marianne
Freud, Emma
Frostrup, Mariella
Garfunkel, Art
George, Boy
Hancock, NIck
Helmond, Katherine
Horner, Geri
Hunniford, Gloria
Jackson, Glenda
Jackson, La Toya
John, Elton
Jugnot, Gérard
Kaye, Danny
Lipman, Maureen
Lumley, Joanna
McGregor, Ewan
Miller, Fiona
Mirren, Helen
Moss, Kate
Norman, Jessye
Norton, Graham
Parkinson, Sir Michael
Porter, Gregory
Scales, Prunella
Shatner, William
Smith, Mel
Turner, Tina
Voderman, Carol
Weir, Bob (Grateful Dead)
West, Timothy
Whitfield, June
Williams, Robbie
Winfrey, Oprah
Wogan, Terry
Yeo Choo Keng, Michelle York,
York, Michael


Anson, Patrick (5th Earl of Lichfield, photographer)
Arnault, Bernard (CEO LVMH)
Ashdown, Paddy (Liberal MP)
Bailey, David (photographer)
Beckham, David (sports personality)
Bercow, John (former speaker of the House of Commons, UK)
Berry, Dame Mary, (author & tv presenter)
Blair, Cherie & Sir Tony (QC & former Prime Minister)
Broccoli, Barbara (film producer)
Burros, Marian (American food writer)
Campbell, Alistair (British journalist, broadcaster & author)
Cantona, Eric (footballer)
Child, Julia (cook and author)
Cole Andy (footballer)
Conran, Caroline (food writer)
Conran, Sebastian (designer)
Conran, Sir Terence (designer & restaurateur)
David, Elizabeth OBE (author)
DeLorean, John (American engineer inventor of the DeLorean car)
Fabricant, Florence (American food writer)
Fellowes, Julian (Downtown Abbey screenwriter)
Ferguson, Sir Alex (former chairman of Manchester United)
Forman, Milos (film director)
Frears, Stephen (film director)
Friedan, Betty (author)
Galtier, Fabien (sports personality)
Gates, Bill (Microsoft)
Giggs, Ryan (football coach)
Griffin, Merv (American TV presenter)
Hadid, Zaha (architect)
Helmond, Katherine (actress)
Jones, Judith (famous American editor)
Kadoorie, Sir Michael (Hong Kong businessman)
Kennedy, Diana (British/American food writer)
King, Alan (US comedian & TV star)
Lander, Nicholas (food & drink correspondent for The FT and BA’s High Life magazine)
Lang, Jack (former Minister of Culture, France)
Leith, Prue DBE (food writer & TV presenter)
Llewllyn, Edward (Baron Llewllyn of Steep, British Ambassador to France)
Li, Richard (son of Li Ka-Shing, Hong Kong)
Malone, Jo (perfumier)
Maupin, Armistead (American writer)
Mei-Ling, Soo (Madame Chiang Kai-Shek), wife of President of the Republic of China
Merchant, Ismail (film producer)
Murdoch, Rupert (media mogul)
Murdoch, Elisabeth CBE (media executive)
Neil, Andrew (broadcaster)
Neville-Jones, Dame Pauline (former chair of Conservative Party Group on national & international security)
Niarchos, Stavros (Greek magnate)
Noah, Yannick (Tennis star & singer)
Patten, Lord Christopher (last governor of Hong Kong & former EU Commissioner)
Pepin, Jacques (award winning French chef, TV personality & author, working in the US)
Philo, Phoebe (British fashion designer)
Perrin, Alan-Dominique (The Richemont Group)
Quest, Richard (CNN & past BBC presenter)
Reichl, Ruth (American food writer)
Renard (French pop singer)
Reno, Jean (French actor)
Rhodes, Zandra (British fashion designer)
Rice, Sir Tim (English lyricist)
Robinson, Anne (tv presenter)
Robinson, Jancis MW OBE (wine critic, jancisrobinson.com, FT correspondent)
Robinson, Mary (former president of Ireland)
Rochas, Hélène (perfumier)
Schwab, Charles R. (American investor, finance)
Sierra, Nadine (American soprano)
Stewart, Martha (editor & author)
Tan, Amy (best selling author)
Tang, Sir David (restaurateur)
Testino, Mario (fashion photographer)
Waite, Terry (humanitarian)
Wan, Gok (British designer & TV presenter)
Westheimer, Ruth (German-American media personality)
Westmacott, Sir Peter (former British ambassador to France & the US)
Whiteley, Richard OBE (British presenter)
Zaentz, Saul (American film producer)


Achatz, Grant
Aikens, Tim
Amber, Richard
Atala, Alex
Beer, Maggie
Blanc, Georges
Blanc, Raymond
Blumenthal, Heston
Bocuse, Paul
Bottura, Massimo
Boulud, Daniel
Bourdain, Anthony
Carluccio, Antonio
Chapel, Alain
Contaldo, Gennaro
Danseareau, Serge
Darroze, Hélène
Ducasse, Alain
Edwards, Mark
Fu Pei-mei
Ghayour, Sabrina
Girardet, Frédy
Granger, Bill
Guerard, Michel
Harnett, Angela
Henderson, Fergus
Hermé, Pierre
Hix, Mark
Hopkinson, Simon
Howard, Philip
Keller, Thomas
Kitchin, Tom
Koffman, Pierre
Kostner, Norbert
Kotchhar, Atul
Kunz, Gray
Locatelli, Giorgio
Loiseau, Bernard
Marchesi, Gualtiero
Matsusisha, Nobu
Mazzei, Francesco
Mossimann, Anton
Ramsey, Gordon
Stein, Rick
Troisgros, Claude
Oliver, Jamie
Perry, Neil
Prudhomme, Paul
Puck, Wolfgang
Rimmer, Simon
Robuchon, Joël
Rostang, Michel
Roux, Michel
Troisgros, Pierre
Samuelsson, Marcus
Trama, Michel
Towers, Jeremiah
Van Aken, Norman
Vergé, Roger
Vickery, Phil
Vongerichten, Jean-Georges
Wareing, Marcus
Waters, Alice
Waxman, Jonathan
White, Marco-Pierre
Wong, Andrew
Zilli, Aldo