Thai Airways

On the occasion when I decide to treat myself to an upgrade with my miles on Thai Airways to business class and was thrilled I did. I was able to choose the Samrab Thai menu which consisted of a delicious savoury Gaeng Phed chicken curry with bamboo shoots served with Pu Ja (a deep fried minced crab meat stuffed inside of a crab shell) and a comforting minced pork ball with white radish in a rich but clear soup. Finally perfectly stir-fried asparagus in garlic and soy sauce with fragrant steamed Jasmine rice. A magical mouth watering welcome to Bangkok!

I just wanted to share some exciting news with you all. For the first time ever we have launched a direct consumer website for Ken Hom. is now live and operated by eAccess, the same partner that is currently running and websites.  eAccess is excited to expand our partnership and will be able to support us with additional Marketing investment and expertise over the brand. Feel free to check out the website, and I hope you all find it to be a quality experience as intended.

We need to tackle food waste and we can start with the food industry & restaurants

‘mrsbeard80’ Tweeted: What a treat. BBC iplayer offered us @ChefKenHom from the archive. Patiently explaining unknown foods to his 1980s audience. Having to explain everything from ginger root to soy sauce. Wonderful!!

See the episodes on iPlayer (UK Only)

Norman Musa

I finally had the great pleasure of meeting and cooking for the great Malaysian chef, Norman Musa. His best selling book, AMAZING MALAYSIAN is filled with mouth-watering recipes and Norman is now working in Rotterdam. I wish him much success!

I confess! I am a fish & chips addict. Every time, I set food in the UK, I must have my fish & chips fix. Here recently, I ate a perfect fish & chips in room service at The Dorchester! I had a busy day and its was my reward!

Tabasco. I am a frequent traveller and one of the dilemma and contradictions is when I am hungry and need to eat. I have discovered how to make airline food not only edible but delicious. I now travel all the time with my little bottles of three flavours of Tabasco! You won’t feel guilty you ate the plane food!

Jessye Norman
It was with much sadness that I read about the passing of the great singer, Jessye Norman. I remember cooking for her at the Oxford Literary Festival where she talked about her memoirs. Here is the menu I designed for her and she loved it. I will always treasure her warm hug.

Ching-He Huang

I have always been a great fan of Ching-He Huang and we became close friends after our BBC series together, Exploring China: A Culinary Adventure. So I was honoured to be invited to the launch of her latest new book WOK ON which is brimming with quick delicious recipes all done in the wok. I have no doubt it will be a best seller!

French President Jacques Chirac

I was sadden by the passing of former French President Jacques Chirac. I had the honour of cooking for him twice, first at a summit of 22 European and Asian heads of state and the second time at Pacific Oriental, a restaurant I help create in London. It was just a tete a tete between two heads of state, then Prime Minister Tony Blair and then French President Jacques Chirac. It was an intimate and wonderful experience and I remember how much the French President loved our slant on Asian food!

See and hear about Ken’s first 80s TV audition for the BBC!

Very sad news: Oxford Brookes Restaurant is in my opinion one of the most important and indispensable part of the Hospitality school curriculum , as students get training in real situation they will have to face when they finish their studies. I find it extremely sad to hear that the University will be closing such a vital part of the school.

Hear Ken on BBC Radio Ken Hom: My life in five dishes. Ken tells us about his life through food

Ken’s autobiography is now available in Chinese:

I am delighted to launch the new scholarship with Lee Kum Kee:

Ken Hom and Lee Kum Kee launch scholarship for future leaders of international hospitality industry.

Read more about the Scholarship in

Ken’s public appearances:

The Annual Ken Hom Lecture.

Monday, September 30 2019, 6.30pm – 9pm, China Exchange, 53 Gerrard Street, London, W1D 6JA

Join Chef Ken Hom OBE; XueFeng Bai, UK Director of Din Tai Fung; and John Guthrie, Employment Policy Adviser of UK Hospitality, to address the skills crisis in the Chinese restaurant sector. Get your tickets here.

Come and see me at Northcote’s famous Obsession dinners. I will be cooking on the 7th of February 2020!

Stand Up for Food this month:

We can all help save the planet and our future. We who prepare and serve food should do everything possible to adjust our wasteful habit of discarding perfectly good food. I’ve always hated seeing good food go to waste. Food waste has huge environmental and financial cost. StandUpForFood month is a great moment to make sure we’ve got food waste covered; for the better of our planet and our businesses.

Cut portion sizes and give diners doggy bags to reduce the 1million tons of food we waste every year.

WRAP targets food waste in hospitality and food service sector: MRW

Hospitality and food service sector targets food waste this September

RMHC Gala Dinner – Sept 2019

RMHC – Ronald McDonald House Charities in London helps sick children and their families is a charity I am proud to support. Last night, I hosted a gala dinner in my home in Paris — it was offered as an auction prize in March in a fund raising gala. It was brought by Ian & his lovely wife, Penny. They were joined by their close friends, Olivia & Derek. We began the evening with Foie gras with Pébeyre truffles and champagne. This was followed by Spicy & Pepper Prawns and Marinated Steamed Salmon. The main course was my classic Roasted Crispy Pork Belly. We drank Wandering Poet sake followed by Chateau Changyu Moser XV from China. It was a Chinese wine I had discovered in Saturday Kitchen with Olly Smith. We finished with a Warm mango compote with vanilla ice cream. A great was had by all and we managed to raise thousands of pounds for a very worthy cause!

Ken’s public appearances:

The Annual Ken Hom Lecture

Monday, September 30 2019, 6.30pm – 9pm, China Exchange, 53 Gerrard Street, London, W1D 6JA

Join Chef Ken Hom OBE; XueFeng Bai, UK Director of Din Tai Fung; and John Guthrie, Employment Policy Adviser of UK Hospitality, to address the skills crisis in the Chinese restaurant sector.


Chicken on crispy noodles

I just love cooking for friends: simple, delicious and humble home cooked comfort dish. Nothing beats a classic Cantonese crispy dish with chicken, left over vegetable and bits and pieces from other triumphs…………the results were super delicious. On top of fresh egg noodles with deep-fried or pan-fried…………the combination of savoury of marinated chicken, beansprouts, chilli sauce from LLK and all the leftovers from the kitchen fridge………..all done in the KH wok and with Lee Kum Kee sauces. A perfect finish to any meal or how about a Christmas lunch!

Three of the country’s top foodies – find out their foodie thoughts.

A friend sent this to me:  Ken’s humble beginnings

Cat Lover

I am such a great cat, as well as a dog lover! I wanted to share these wonderful photos of the most adorable kitties that I shared my summer with!

Judith Jones’s culinary legacy tells an American story – Washington Post

Last Friday when I was invited for dinner….it was a great pleasure to meet again two stars of one of France’s most popular soap opera (since 2004) called Plus Belle la Vie. I gave the stars Myra Tyliann & Marwan Berreni two t-shirts which they promptly put on!

My advice With all the latest news report, I would like to offer the following counsel and advice!

When the Amazon is burning…………we are all burning! We must do all we can to save our planet!

Stand Up for Food

We can all help save the planet and our future by starting with ourselves and adjusting our wasteful habits of discarding food. Before throwing away any food, think about how it can be used. Garlic peels are wonderful in a roast or in a stock. Ginger peels can be frozen and make a wonderful grog especially if you have sore throat. Recycle all your left over vegetables into a savoury soup. Food is as precious as our planet and if we all work together we will be able to make the world a better place without food waste!

Lot of Saveurs

Every other year in my village in France, we celebrate good food of the Lot (my region) at the end of summer with a huge gathering of delicious food, music, dancing and friendship. Vendors selling fresh baked bread, foie gras, organic salad, and cheese. This year was over five hundred people…..which included many British friends who live in the area. What a fantastic way to share the joys of life!

Please read carefully. This feature showcases the important work done by Action Against Hunger for which I am proud to be an ambassador

Wanted: captain for campaign to market Britain to the world

AAH Luncheon – August 2019

It was such a great pleasure to welcome Donna, Olly, Denise, Dave, Lorna and Tim to a BBQ luncheon which began with local bits of confit duck, Salt & Pepper Prawns and BBQ pork ribs marinated for many days in miso paste and sake, finally grilled with a mixture of Lee Kum Kee sauces! All of which was washed down with plenty of chilled rosé wines from the region. I wanted to thank this lovely group (their second fund-raising meal with me) for their support for Action Against Hunger, as well as Din Tai Fung for their chilli sauces and Any Sharp for their gift of knife sharpeners to all group! Great fun for a very worthy and important cause!

15th August

The 15th of August is a big summer holiday here in France. Each year, I love to host and cook a BBQ for friends from my village. This year was no exception. I made roasted BBQ ribs with my array of Lee Kum Kee sauces, served with a spicy egg fried rice and braised Sichuan aubergines. Of course, we drank lots of champagne and rosé wine. Louis, a 17 year son of friends came with his feminist jacket! Fantastic. The youngest guest, Louisa, almost 3 years old stole the party and here caught eating one of my dishes. My formula for love and world peace!!

Summer salad

For lunch the other day, I prepared a summer of mozzarella cheese balls with sweet ripe tomatoes, salt, freshly ground black pepper, olive oil and finished it off to basil and chive flowers. Meanwhile, my newfound friends (the lovely cats) continue to visit!

I am having a ball filming in my kitchen with New Zealand’s top chef & tv personality, Josh Emett. We are sharing cooking & food tips for his new series, The Recipe!

Read all about my new range of woks

One of my great chef friends Nobuyuki Matsuhisa on his kitchen secrets

My good friend, Olivier De la Teyssonniere created one of the much success packing company in France called Bambou Diffusion. ( He brought me a surprise gift when he came for lunch the other day. Two foie gras cutters embossed! I must invite him again!

It is hard to believe that half of the summer is almost over. However, I am enjoying the bounty of wonderful sweet ripe tomatoes paired with fragrant basil with mozzarella cheese splash with good Italian olive oil. As I prepare my salad, my summer family of cats with their mother joins in! Bliss!

Food favourites with artist Adam King – Jimi Hendrix and microwave cooking

A friend sent this link to me….very funny indeed, I still had lots of hair!

Cocktails and Wine

My bar is filled with gin and whiskey but it is Olly Smith’s book Fizz whose book is my bible for all my drinks! In my wine cellar, there is a portrait of my great friend, Paul Levy who presides in my cellar as the wine god. Two wonderful friends from the world of food & wine! I am one lucky guy!

From Bangkok

A good friend was dining in Bangkok and saw this on the wall of the restaurant which he sent to me! All my recommendations still hold and are valid!

A busman’s holiday

I have cooked professionally for over 59 years and yet I still love cooking especially for friends. With drinks we had local duck confit wings & bones as well as homemade duck foie gras.  I like mixing my Chinese food heritage with local fresh ingredients. The other night, I stir-fried tender pork fillets with chanterelles brought to me by one of my guests together with fresh courgettes from a friend’s garden and finished off the dish with Lee Kum Kee Premium oyster sauce and LKK Chilli Bean sauce.  Everyone agreed it was a singular success and we toasted with lots of local Cahors wines!

Market Day

One of the great joys of cooking in France is market day. For my village, it is Tuesday where local farmers bring their summer bounty and there is even a fish monger. I love shopping and look what I came across, a local duck farmer, Ghislaine Borie making duck confit inspired by my recipe using Chinese spices! That is what good food is all about……….inspiring each other!

For Cat Lovers

The other day when I was preparing a light lunch with produce from friend’s garden, I was visited by a family of cats….a mother with three beautiful kittens.
As a great cat lover, I was over the moon and since then they have all become permanent summer visitors in my garden. I couldn’t be happier!

Summer bounty

Where else in the world your village mayor rings your door bell and bring you an abundance of organic vegetables and flowers from his garden? That is what exactly happen to me the other day. The early hot summer heat has produced some of the sweetest and crunchiest salad I have eaten in a long time. Vive la France!!!

14th July

The 14th July is France’s biggest national holiday and leave it to the French who know how to celebrate with great food. My village in southwest France staged a magnificent feast. Our local butcher, roasted slowly beautiful pork loin that was melting and tender. All was served with scalloped potatoes. We drank local wine, followed by goat cheese, dessert and we then dance all night!

AAH Dinner

It was an honoured for me to host and cook for a lovely group of people who bid for an AAH Dinner at my summer home. It was their first visit ever to the Lot region. I began the meal with duck foie gras and confit duck bones, we then had salt & pepper prawns, miso marinated cod. The main course was crispy pork belly served in lettuce cups with Lee Kum Kee plum sauce and chilli sauces from Din Tai Fung.  We finished with a warm mango compote and vanilla ice cream. They were treated to the village’s fireworks and upon leaving, I gave each of them an AnySharp for their kitchen as well as a Ken Hom apron! Of course, I thank them for their support for Action Against Hunger!

Summer in France

I love being in southwest France in the summer. It is all about good food, excellent wines and above all, long time friendships. On a warm summer evening, I was invited by Claude, our village mayor and his lovely wife, Dany to dinner. It was simply delicious………it was Dany’s perfectly cooked omelet made with chanterelle mushrooms picked by Claude. A real joint affair and team work —- magical.

Waitrose article ‘A Portrait of Ken Hom‘.  Photographer, Jamie Lau


My father

Today, I received amazing news that a Congressional Gold Medal shall be awarded to my father, Hom Hong Jung in recognition of his dedicated service during World War II.
The Congressional Gold Medal is the highest civilian award in the United States awarded by Congress. The United States remains forever indebted to the bravery, valor, patriotism and dedication that the Chinese American Veterans of World War II displayed in defending and protecting democracy, at home and overseas.

FIFA Women’s World Cup

Very disappointed in tonight’s Fifa Women’s World Cup semi finals. The English team was wonderful and played well but alas they lost. It was heart breaking for me! I wanted them to be the world champion. Perhaps the next time????

I am over the moon that the English team won tonight’s match over the Norwegian team. They were superior and played so well. I love the FIFA Women World Cup! Viva les femmes! I am so proud to be a feminist!

One of my recent joys have been watching the FIFA Women’s World Cup! How fantastic to see women from all over the world playing great football and what an inspiration to young girls! Although my favourite team has been the French Blues, but I have been impressed by their rival teams and feel that may the best team win the FIFA Women’s World Cup!

What a great audience we had at the Althorp Food Festival in May! I found these pictures which reminded me of a happy weekend with so many lovely people. Their next two events are in August, the Althorp Craft Fair 9-11 August and  the Children’s Week 24-30 August 2019. The grounds are magnificent, it’s well worth a visit this summer.

A new digital subscription service billed as “Spotify for cookbooks”, is launching for the professional market with licences in place with publishers and big name UK chefs including Gary Rhodes and Ken Hom.

I am thrilled with the launch of Migrations: All Our Voices June 17th!

I am delighted that my old friend, Stefan Trepp has become the eighth chef to head the Dorchester hotel’s kitchen! He is a very talented chef and a really nice guy. I had the great pleasure of cooking with him at The Oriental in Bangkok over 10 years ago when I did a 2 week pop up restaurant there at Lord Jim’s. Stefan will be adding his touches, no doubt to the wonderful world of food in London!

My heartiest congratulations to Liverpool winning the 2019 Champions League final in Madrid …Well done!!!!

With HRH The Prince of Wales at the Fortnum & Mason Food Awards in London!

Don’t miss Cherie Blair Foundation‘s interactive event “What difference could a global movement of ‘sisterpreneurs’ make?”. Join thousands of advocates, activists & influencers seeking to advance gender equality and to redefine the future

Get your fix for Ken’s cookbooks:

Ken Hom’s Quick Wok
Ken Hom Cooks Thai
Ken Hom’s Hot Wok
Ken Hom’s Vegetarian Cookery
Easy Family Dishes: A Memoir with Recipes
The Taste of China
Chinese Technique

For all my Chinese speaking followers please see this article in the Xinming Evening Post

I could not resist cooking for friends for Eurovision last Saturday. I made a simple sautéed salmon which I had marinated in yuzu soy sauce and freshly squeezed ginger juice topped with lots of sliced spring onions! It was hit as well as the main course which was stir-fried chicken with cucumbers & peppers with Lee Kum Kee superb oyster sauce which I put on the top of crispy fried rice noodles! We drank lots of wine and had a great laugh at all the Eurovision contestants!

My friends at DKB Household threw a surprise birthday party for me and presented me with this delicious and original cake! A collaboration of 33 years filled with friendship and team work which has made the Ken Hom wok, the oldest chef branded cookware in the world! I am most grateful to the entire team at DKB!

Look what a friend sent me from a boutique in Siem Reap!

Judith Jones..she spent the next 50 yrs nurturing top food authors including me, with my book ‘Easy Family Recipes from a Chinese-American Childhood

An article on the ‘Best Dumpling Bars in Sydney

Articles on how Supermarkets could be fined for food waste

Ken’s recent public appearances:

Looking forward to meeting you in London, Kingston Upon Thames, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Failsworth (Manchester)  and Hockley on my forthcoming wok tour. I will be cooking up a storm for you all, so don’t miss the change to come and see the cookery demonstrations.  You will love the brand new packaging of the Ken Hom wok!   See you there.

Date: Wednesday 8 May
Store: James Selby, James Selby, 384 – 400 Holloway Rd, Holloway N7 6PR
Time: 12 – 13.30

Date: Thursday 9 May
Store: Fenwick, Wood Street, Kingston Upon Thames KT1 1TX
Time: 11.00 – 12.30

Date: Tuesday 14 May
Store: Martin & Frost, 4 Whitehill Road, Fort Kinnaird, Edinburgh, EH15 3HR
Time: 12.00 – 14.00

Date: Wednesday 15 May
Store: Taskers, Liver Industrial Estate, Long Lane, Liverpool L9 7ES
Time: 11.00 – 12.30

Store: Housing Units, Wickentree Lane, Failsworth M35 9BA
Time: 15.00 – 16.30

Date: Friday 17 May
Store: Fenwick, Brent Cross Shopping Centre, NW4 3FN
Time: 11.00 – 12.30

Store: Potters, 4-8 Main Road, Hockley SS5 4QS
Time: 15.30 – 17.00

One of my favourite cooking challenges is cooking at Refettorio Paris there I was asked to cook a meal for about 100 sleeping in rough/ homeless people — a three course meal.  I arrive in the afternoon not knowing what I will cook as I have presented with leftovers from a major supermarket. With the help of volunteers, we made: a tian (a sort of baked custard) of leeks and mushrooms and cheese, this was followed by a stir-fried guinea fowl with tomatoes and onions with Lee Kum Kee oyster sauce and their Chiu Chow chilli oil (the company kindly support my efforts with a donation of their fantastic sauces) and we finished with a chocolate mousse with a fruit salad. We got applause all around but for me the real heroes were all the volunteers who give up their Friday evening to work with me!!!

The Sun’s top picks for Woks! See Ken’s Performance Wok here.

I had a great time last night cooking with one of my favourite British chef, Mark Hix at one of his restaurant, Tramshed. I made my Chicken sun-dried tomatoes spring rolls and my classical Roast crispy pork belly!

Edinburgh’s Harajuku Kitchen crowned best in Scotland at Golden Chopsticks Awards

A glimpse back at the bygone days of April 1989.

Ken Hom on Britain’s Asian food revolution

A master class on Chinese cuisine

If it tastes good, who cares?

See what’s in store at John Lewis White City!

Recently I gave two Masterclass for Lee Kum Kee who makes the best and most authentic Chinese sauces in the world. Then venue was at my favourite cookery shop in London — Divertimenti but the most unexpected guest was 3 month old: Sadie Chi-Yan Ma, the daughter of one of my students. My youngest fan ever! I fell head over heels for her!

Check out Ken’s range of Woks!

Golden Chopsticks Awards 2019 – two Glasgow restaurants in the running for best in Scotland

As a GREAT ambassador, it was a pleasure to appear at the VIV Asia 2019 show in Bangkok for two days. I love showing the world how good English beef and lamb could be, not only tasty but safe and traceable!

Xigua; International Influence on Chinese Food

Ken Hom dishing up a feast on the DKB stand at Ambiente.

Kitchenware ranked as the top redemption category in the gaming marketplace!

Innovation stifled by shortage of Chinese chefs: The

I found this trailer from 1984 on youtube about one of my first series ‘Ken Hom’s Chinese Cookery’ – it’s about 4.45 minutes into the short video, watch it and tell me what you think! – Trailer from 1984

I had a grand time at the Zest Quest Asia Awards 2019 A magical evening!

Image credit: Jade Nina Sarkhel

Image credit: Julian George

Ambiente – Frankfurt

Ambiente in Frankfurt is the leading international and largest consumer goods trade fair in the world. I gave two cookery demonstrations launching the new design for the Ken Hom wok. The art work by the famed Flemish artist who lives in Asia, Christian Develter was to say the least quite a sensation. Everyone loved it! It was the talk of the fair!

Voting has launched for this years Golden Chopsticks Awards

Andrew Wong, star chef of the Cantonese restaurant Kym’s in London, celebrates Chinese new year. Read more in The Times

I am devastated at the news of Chef Andrew Fairlie who was not only a great chef and a very good nice person. I wish to convey my condolences to his lovely wife and children!

Read about the 12 Best Woks in the Independent

Celebrity chef and author Ken Hom joined forces with the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) for this year’s Oxford Farming Conference

How can pubs profit from Chinese New Year. Read the ‘inapub‘ article

I was sadden to hear that my good friend, June Whitfield, passed away. She brought so much joy and laughter to all of us and I loved cooking for and with her!

Getting ready to see the Queen when I was invited to Buckingham Palace on Tuesday night for a reception. Her Majesty looked splendid!

Read how pubs can profit from Chinese New Year

I was thrilled to learn that I sold two dinners at a recent Action Against Hunger event for £15,000! It is a wonderful charity that helps people worldwide and I am proud to be an ambassador!

His Royal Highness The Duke of Gloucester visits Thailand & presides at a fundraiser for Habitat’s efforts in Thailand. The Duke was the guest of honour at a charity dinner hosted at the British Ambassador’s Residence. The menu for “Dinner with the Duke” was curated by Michelin-starred chef Ken Hom.

A good friend of mine was in Alba, truffle hunting and spent and day in Turin, Italy and walked into a cookware shop and saw this display!!!

RMHC Family 2019

It was a great pleasure to be part of  supporting the annual Gala CharityDinner, “RMHC Family” in Hong Kong.  Held at the JW Marriott Hotel which served a delicious dinner for over 200 people: Perfect home cured salmon started the meal, then a savoury cream of asparagus soup followed. A choice of moist Chilean sea bass with a ginger tomato sauce or a roast supreme of chicken which was very tasty.

An exotic Mont Blanc dessert capped the evening in which the children performed Cantonese opera and Sam Hui, king of Cantopop directed a sing along. The event raised more than HKD5.7 million (£650,000)  for keeping sick children close with their families during one of the most difficult phases in their lives.It was a fun and love filled evening for a very good cause!

See Ken Hom on ‘CCTV’  China’s largest broadcaster (requires Adobe Flash to view)

I am so sadden by Khun Vichai’s passing. He was a wonderful support for Leicester City and I loved how he was one of the best owner and leader for the club. We will all miss him!


Hosted by the Oxford Cultural Collective, the Yan-Kit So Memorial Award for Food Writers on Asia is one of the UK’s most generous food-writing bursaries.  Applications invited for 2019 Yan-Kit So Memorial Award for food writers on asia.

A huge thank you to everyone who came to see me during my tour around the UK. I was touched by all your kind comments and affection that you showed me. A few brought my first book published in 1984! But the most impressive was a lovely lady who lived in Hong Kong and she brought her cookbook with my Hong Kong menu and a photo of me from the early 80’s! Everyone had a good a laugh!

I was on tour with my hot wok at the following venues. I was delighted to cook for you!

28th September Meadow and Byrne, Dun Laoghaire, Dublin 1.30 – 3.00
29th September – Arnotts, Dublin 1.30 – 3.00
30th September – Sterling, Tillicoultry Clackmannanshire, 2.00-3.30
1st October, Fenwick, Newcastle, 1.00-2.30
2nd October, Boundary Mills, Colne 11.30-1.00
3rd October, Costco, Watford, 12.30-2.00
4th October, Beales, Bournemouth  1-2.30

Lee Kum Kee Summer 2018

Lee Kum Kee, of course, is known for its range of authentic Chinese sauces. But this summer, I have been experimenting with their sauces in other ways. Here I barbecue organic lamb chops and spread their Char Siu Sauce (normally used with pork) and it was absolutely delicious. What a bonus to discover how versatile LKK sauces can be!


One of many French summer treats are the many village fetes. On Thursday we had a tasting of rose wines and then an evening of delicious Paëlla cooked by Pascal (our village butcher.) We were entertained by a lovely band and ate and drank all night! Another memorable summer evening in southwest France.

My good friend and inspiration Joel Robuchon has passed away at aged 73. A monument in our cuisine world, he was also a great teacher. He will be missed by all of us who learnt so much from him.

All good things must come to an end. My long partnership with MEE restaurant in Rio de Janeiro has now ended. I wish the MEE team much success in the future.

My good friend, Fabien Galtier, the famous rugby star dropped by and I had to give him a t-shirt! I also promised him a Chinese banquet!

I have just received some breaking thrilling news: My Stir-fried Life will be published in Chinese next May 2019 by Wai Yan She the biggest Chinese state publishing house.

I am delighted that France won the World Cup tonight. They played well…… was an incredible game.

I am completely devastated by England’s lost in tonight’s World Cup. The team played extremely well but were unlucky.

I am over the moon over the English latest win in the World Cup. I watched every minute and congratulate the English team on a job well done. Now to the Finals! I would be more than thrilled to cook you a Chinese banquet when you win the World Cup!

I am over the moon the England won! They deserved it!!

I was thrilled that the English team won 2-1! I watched every second and want to send congratulations to the English team for a wonderful match! Now win the World Cup!

Shocking news about Anthony Bourdain death at a youthful age 61. He brought the world of food, good cooking and chefs to everyone around the globe. He will be very missed!

Ken Hom event NL Bijenkorf Amsterdam

I had two wonderful sold out session of demonstrating my wok at  NL Bijenkorf (the largest department store in Holland) in Amsterdam on Saturday. I was so touched when I discovered a family drove for 1 1/2 hours to come for the demonstration. It was a great sunny day as well!

Apparently my story was on GCSE Chinese exam! A friend sent it to me. Very amusing!

I am thrilled to hear that my good friend, Sir Alex Ferguson is out of intensive care and wish him a speedy recovery! I can’t wait to cook for him when he is better!

Article in Hospitality and Catering News: ‘London’s Chinatown needs more creative solutions to guarantee its future as top hospitality destination’

What does Ken think of MSG? – find out here in this article in the Guardian

Ken chats to China Minutes see his interview here

Refettorio Paris 2/5/18

Last night I cooked at the Refettorio Paris located in the crypt of the famous Madeleine church. The project is dedicated to the fight against food waste and global awareness on hunger and food poverty for the homeless as well as refugees and individuals in situations of social vulnerability. Delivery in the morning included leeks, courgettes, onions, small young onions, mushrooms but alas, no meat. With the generous support and assistance from Lee Kum Kee who provided its famous sauces, I was able to cook for over 70 people plus 20 volunteers, a vegetarian feast:

A starter of braised leeks and caramelised onions in a rich hoisin sauce, a main course of egg fried rice with a vegetable stew of onions, courgettes and mushrooms with oyster sauce. We served baked apples with fresh cream for dessert and everyone was happy!

Ken accepting Outstanding contribution to Food at the Golden Chopsticks Award

Ever wonder what Ken Hom’s values for success are? Find out as Ken chats to China Minutes

Read about Ken on WeChat Article

Read Ken’s latest article in Feng Shui World magazine – The Man With the Magic Wok

Chef Talk with Ken in Speciality Food Magazine

Stanley Tse

It was with great pride and joy for me to present Stanley Tse of SeeWoo UK , The Ken Hom Lifetime Achievement Award at the recent Golden Chopsticks event in London. Stanley was one of the pioneers importing Asian sauces and ingredients to
the UK, he was instrumental in making Asian tastes and flavours part of the UK food scene! Everyone is grateful and I am the first in the queue to salute this great man.

Ken on the Phoenix TV European Channel

Emirates Airline Literary Festival 2018

I was honoured to be asked to participate in the 10 th anniversary of the Emirates Airline Literary Festival 2018 in Dubai. Over a dinner event where I talked about my latest book, My Stir-fried Life. The dishes came from the book and was well received with over 200 people attending. I also did a lovely interview with the lovely presenter, Rebecca (her mother, Mary was an old friend of mine) for Euronews as well as live radio for the festival. It was all a spectacular festival!

Food for thought: Literature and gastronomy festivals in Dubai

Ken receiving his Huran Lifetime Achievement Award

I really enjoyed being interviewed by DubaiEye 103.8FM & sharing my experiences with everyone, including the time I cooked for the fabulous Tina Turner – I was in awe!I I have many more stories to tell you as soon I get a minute!

See some Ken on some classic cookery shows back on at the BBC

Ken says Cut the Portion Size! in Waitrose magazine March 2018

Whilst in London during Chinese New Year, I was interviewed by The Caterer and below is the feature which has now come out. Enjoy reading it And yes, eat, eat, eat, it’s the only way you will learn about food!

“Eat, eat, eat… that is how you learn about food” read Ken in The Caterer

Read Ken Hom’s Chinese New Year Memories in ChinaMinutes

Watch Ken’s TV appearances:

Saturday 17 February 2018  10 am BBC1  Saturday Kitchen – Tune in to watch  Ken Hom cook his special  Chinese New Year Recipes

Did you see Ken on My Kitchen Rules UK on Tuesday 24 October on Channel 4 See the trailer here

On Saturday Kitchen, BBC1 I enjoyed cooking with two great chefs: Chef Angela Hartnett who was the host and Chef Tristan Welch. I was also thrilled to meet and cook for the special guest, Gregory Porter who I have been a fan for ages. A super singer and amazing jazz musician. I immediately streamed his new album which was a homage to Nat King Cole!

Ken on the Radio:

Friday 16 February 2018   Chinese New Year Day – The Year of the Dog  – Radio 2 Steve Wright in the Afternoon

It’s Chinese New Year – tune into the Steve Wright’s in the Afternoon Show to hear all about Chinese New Year and get my tips for some great festive food – 2 to 5 pm.

Friday 9 February 2018  around 12 noon  BBC Radio Wales – The Wynne Evans Show

For all my followers in Wales, tune in on Friday 9 February to hear me talk with Wynne Evans about Chinese New Year, Chinese recipes, my autobiography and more from 12 noon onward.

Ken’s recent public appearances:

Delight your senses on an exploration of Vietnam’s finest cuisine with Ken Hom in Ho Chi Minh City.  The tour is on the 9-23rd of March & Ken Hom will join you on days 12 and 13 of the tour. Together you will explore the aromatic scents and fresh flavours of local produce in one of the city’s bustling food markets before a private cooking demonstration, during which Ken will reveal the secrets to creating sumptuous Vietnamese cuisine. You will also have the opportunity to hear stories from his venerable 35-year career and pose your own culinary questions during a private talk and informal Q&A.

9 March 2018. Ken appeared at the Emirates Literary Festival in Dubai at a special dinner talking about his latest book: My Stir-Fried Life.

Tuesday 20 February 2018  6.30 – 9.00 pm –  Ken Hom was at the annual Ken Hom Lecture, held at Asia House 63 Cavendish Street, London W1G 7LP     Ken Hom, with Fuchsia Dunlop, Freya Aitken-Turff and Geoff Leong discussed The Future of China Towns

Thursday 15 February 2018  – Sandbanks Hotel, Poole – lunchtime cookery demonstration followed by lunch –invited guests.  Evening Gala Dinner hosted by Ken Hom

Wednesday 14 February  2018 –   Haven Hotel, Poole – Special Valentine’s Dinner with Ken Hom (sold out) Ken plays homage to Poole with the Poole Pirates

Monday 12 February 2018  – Ken is cooking a special dinner at Northcote  – the luxury country hotel in Lancashire featuring a Michelin star restaurant with fine dining and a cookery school run by Nigel Haworth and Lisa Allen. (Sorry now sold out)

I hope you were able to to see me at the Althorp Literary Festival on the 5th of October!

I was thrilled to be invited by Charles Spencer to the 14th Althorp Literary Festival to speak about my latest book, My Stir-fried Life. I was moved by everyone who came to my talk. I had a wonderful time sharing my hilarious life experiences at Althorp.

Action Against Hunger Benefit Dinner

It was such a delight for me to host and cook for four generous donors to Action Against Hunger last night at my flat here in Bangkok. The menu included Crispy Salt & Pepper Prawns, My classic Roast Pork belly with Truffle Risotto and organic salad. A warm Thai mango compote with vanilla ice cream topped off the evening. We drank a wonderful selection of premium sake with the dinner. Rupert, Clare, Paul and Gudrun as you can see from the photos were very happy and I again thank them for their contribution to AAH!

RMHC Hong Kong Annual Gala fund raising dinner 2017

I made an annual journey to Hong Kong every year in support of the RMHC Hong Kong charity, helping to raise funds so that ill children and their families can stay together until they recover. This year we raised HID$3.8 million (£380,000) in one evening and the theme was Star Wars and I had to have a photo with the storm troopers and another with, my good friend, Grace who is the chairperson and Iris Wong, the head of the house. Although it was as usual held in a large hotel, the JW Marriott, the food for five hundred people was delicious.  We began with Ahi tuna with king crab and Hokkaido scallop ceviche on a bed of slice watermelon with mango-ginger dressing which was a perfect light starter. The cream of celeriac soup with green apple and bacon lardons was absolutely delicious as was the Herb crusted Chilean sea bass with aubergine confit, tomato fondue, black olive potato and saffron sauce — moist and cooked as if it was from a restaurant kitchen. My hats off to the hotel kitchen crew. A lovely Citrus white chocolate mousse with a Yuzu curd and vanilla sable helped seal the evening! A worthy and delicious cause!

Read Ken’s Best Cookbooks for Beginners at the Reading Lists

Fish & Chips – A history

Fish & Chips is without any doubt my favourite British dish. Every time I set foot in the British Isles, I immediately head to satisfy my addiction to fish & chips. So I was thrilled to read Panikos Panayi’s book: Fish & Chips – A history. It was fascinating for me to learn how fried fish was introduced by immigrant Jews, how fried potatoes came via France and how other migrant communities, including the Chinese play a part in fish & chips. It is amazing book on one of the most popular British dish and I highly recommend it. Please excuse me, I must run to have my fish & chips!

Crispy Noodles and tender chicken pair together perfectly for this comforting dish. It’s a firm favourite among dim-sum diners in Hong Kong.

Ken talks to Lee Kum Kee

Paul Bocuse

I was very sad to learn of the death of my friend, the great chef, Paul Bocuse at age 91. I first met him in 1984 at his restaurant. He was an inspiration to chefs worldwide, not only in France and was incredibly generous to young chefs as a mentor. He will be missed by chefs worldwide.

Jacques Pébeyre

It was with great sadness when I learn the death of my good friend, Jacques Pébeyre at age 91. He was my mentor for truffles and was like a father to me. Jacques was a giant in the food world, selling the best truffles to chefs all over the world. He had a wonderful palate as well but it was his humour and gentleness as well as the great respect that he commanded which marked him as a very special person. His family welcomed me as a member and I shall miss him as much as they will.

AAH Fine Wine Auction 2017

Last Saturday, I’m extremely pleased that we raised £353,267 from the Action Against Hunger Fine Wine Auction and dinner! This amount was doubled with the assistance from the UK government and it was a pleasure working with the other wonderful chefs such as Ollie Dabbous, the fabulous Michel Roux and Paul Ainsworth. I made Crispy Chicken Sun-dried Tomato Spring Rolls which I demonstrated on Saturday Kitchen! As Ambassador for the charity, I was thrilled to contribute offering two dinners at my home for an incredible £16,000 in total.

It was such a memorable and magical evening with Hugh Bonneville as host and guests such as Marx Hix, Rick Stein, Neil Borthwick as well as my very good friend, Sabrina Ghayour. A huge thank you to Samuel Hauenstein – Swan for Action Against Hunger UK for the brilliant photos that captured each wonderful moment.

I was delighted to get this photo of 7 year old Meili cooking from one of my recipes and in her Ken Hom wok! She must be one of my youngest and cutest fan!

Antonio Carluccio

I am devastated to hear the news of my good friend,  Antonio Carluccio’s passing yesterday. He has been a dear friend and an inspiration to me for over 38 years and it is hard to imagine a future without his jovial smile and laughter which easily fills the room. But he was also a sweet and generous man and incredibly sharing which perfectly reflected the essence of Italian food. I will miss him greatly!


This photo taken by the great KT Bruce, the photographer for the Oxford festival of my good friend, Madhur Jaffrey and myself. I think it captures not only our long friendship but our mutual love affair for good food and life!

Food Link  Hong Kong

My good friend, Vanessa Hwang runs one of the best food charity – Food Link in Hong Kong. They take all the left-overs from hotel buffets and their chefs reinvent dishes based on what they get. Sometimes, even lobsters are on the menu! It is a fantastic idea which is spreading all over the globe and I hope it will come soon to London. Here is a recent video on Food Link in Hong Kong.

I am super delighted that Andrew Wong has finally got his long over due Michelin star! My heartiest congratulations to him, I think he is the top Chinese chef cooking in London if not the UK!

The Cookery Class held recently at my Michelin star MEE restaurant at the Belmond Copacabana Palace in Rio for the main influencers was a huge success I am pleased to report! Click here for details (in Portuguese)  I demonstrated unusual dishes such as stuffed peppers, bean sauce noodles and my favourite Salt & Pepper Prawns!

I have seen over my 17 years visiting Rio de Janeiro the immense changes in food and the intense interest now in especially Asian cuisine. So I invited some top social media foodies bloggers to MEE to sample some of our new offerings in a cooking class. It was a dim sum tour of China with Peking dumplings from Northern China, Sichuan spicy dumplings from Western China and finally Prawn toast from my region in southern China. Viva Rio de Janeiro!

Bijenkorf demo in Holland

I had the most wonderful time demonstrating at the Bijenkorf department store this weekend and I was very touch by the eager and enthusiastic interest in two sold out sessions.  Of course, I used Lee Kum Kee sauces which are easily available in Holland! I can’t wait to make a return visit!

Sir David Tang

My good friend, Sir David Tang left this planet the way he has always lived with style! I will miss him and especially his humorous columns in the Weekend FT.

How Chop Suey Saved San Francisco’s Chinatown

The Ken Hom wok was displayed recently at the China International Modern Home Expo   —— here are photos from China Daily!!

I would like share this video from the National Education Association where one of my closest and best friend, Kent Wong  received a civil and human rights award. I am so proud of him and his achievement!

A few days after MEE received the VEJA award,  MEE received the award of 5 Forks in the Rio Gastronomia!

We are thrilled that the top magazine in Rio de Janeiro VEJA has picked MEE once again as the Best Oriental restaurant in Rio! Congratulations to all our kitchen and service team!

It was such a thrill to meet, dine and drink with one of my favourite BBC correspondent, Caroline Wyatt and my good friend Mary! She is as wonderful in person as she is on the screen and she loves good food!

Graduation at Oxford Brookes University

I was honoured last week when I was asked to give the graduation speech at Oxford Brookes University. Throughout my nine years of association with the university, especially the Oxford School of Hospitality Management,  I was inspired by the many students who came from all over the world. But the greatest pleasure has been working with  Don Sloan​ the Head of School. His impressive leadership and connection with the students help make the school one of the best in the world!

The Ken Hom Library is the book collection and archive of renowned chef, author, and television presenter Ken Hom. The core of the library is the book collection that Ken used throughout his career, with an emphasis on Asian cookery, including Chinese, Korean, Thai and Japanese. The Ken Hom Library is located in the Special Collections Reading Room of Headington Library, Oxford Brookes University.

My heart goes out to the victims of the Grenfell Tower tragedy as well as to all their friends and family. It is hard to express my profound sorrow for everyone’s suffering!

London Attack

My heart goes out to the victims of the horrible attacks in London. I am praying for their families and friends.

Manchester Attack

I was shocked by the attack on one of my favourite UK cities – Manchester. Senseless violence against innocent people must be condemned. I stand firmly today with everyone in Manchester and grieve with them.

I wanted to share with you a feature from a Chinese website which has over 800 million visitors a month. It’s titled : ‘What the British called the Chinese food godfather had his origins in Kaiping’. It is a piece introducing me to the Chinese public…it is about all that I have done to promote Chinese food and culture to the West. Here is the piece here and you can click the ‘translate’ button which comes up on the right hand side of the page, in the chrome browser, when you follow the link, to see the english translation. There is also a video included. Do enjoy!

Ratiu Friends and Family Weekend 2017

I recently spent the weekend with Pamela Ratiu at their family foundation in Transylvania. It was a first for me and on Saturday, I was honoured to meet HRH The Prince of Wales again. We first met over thirty years ago when we both had hair and he still has plenty! We discussed Alice Water’s Edible Schoolyard charity in Berkeley, California of which I have been a supporter since the beginning. Sustainable, good organic food for everyone is one of Prince Charles’ goals which I fully support!

“Introducing Ken Hom, author of My Stir-Fried Life” by Karen Christensen

Roy Ackerman.  I was deeply sadden to learn of the passing of Roy Ackerman, one of the giant in our hospitality industry. I was privileged to meet him on numerous occasion and found him a true foundation of knowledge and inspiration. He will be sorely missed by all of us!

My good friend, Ewan Venters the CEO of the fabulous Fortnum & Mason sent me this photo of his summertime pool side reading

I am delighted to announce that my restaurant MEE at Belmond Copacabana Palace in Rio de Janeiro has retained its Michelin star for the third year running! There are only six restaurants in Rio with Michelin stars, one star being the highest score anyone has. I am so proud of my kitchen and restaurant team, well done everyone!

Our great kitchen team who has maintain the quality and consistency of MEE! Congratulations to all of them for maintaining our Michelin star for the third year in a row! You are the best!

Ken shares the three cookbooks he couldn’t live without in an interview with the ’readinglist

I had a fabulous time showing how to easily make four dishes in no time, last Saturday afternoon at the Outburst Festival sponsor by Oxford Brookes University! All cooked in just one Ken Hom wok!

I had a fabulous time showing how to easily make four dishes in no time, at the Oxford Brookes University Festival All cooked in just one Ken Hom wok!

I am such an irresistible cat lover. I fell in love with Whiskers at the Oxford home of my friends. She was so lovable at 17 years old!

Another favourite photo that a fan sent me about 2 years ago when he captured his cat nesting in his Ken Hom wok! That is a cat with great taste!

When I reflected on the sad recent events in London, it made me want to reread one of the most uplifting books I have read in recent years. It is called Progress and a well written case for optimism and how far mankind has come in the last few hundred years. What is especially touching for me with my work with Action Against Hunger is the progress we have made to eliminate hunger and boosted nutrition. We all need to share good food together for a better world!

Over a million children are at imminent risk of dying from life-threatening hunger across Nigeria, Somalia, Yemen and South Sudan.

Without immediate help, they risk dying of hunger. Famine has been officially declared in South Sudan – the first famine anywhere in the world since 2011. But South Sudan is not the only country facing a catastrophe. The children of Somalia, Yemen and Nigeria are at risk of famine too. See how you can help with Action Against Hunger

I’ve been supporting Earth Hour where you? See what happened on the day with WWF

Check out my climate-conscious recipes for WWF’s Earth Hour

Ken Hom article on Instagram and the Future of Chinese Cuisine

My great friend and fantastic photographer, KT Bruce took this photo of me with Maureen Lipman, the famous actress and author at the closing dinner of this year’s Oxford Literary Festival! Congratulations to all as this was one of the best festival of all time and celebrating the 21 st year anniversary as well!

Watch Ken’s recent TV appearances:

BBC1’s Saturday Kitchen on the 28th January 2017

Listen to Ken’s on recent Radio broadcasts:

Listen to Ken daily chats with Rob Cowan with a selection of his favourite classical music

on Radio 3! You can download the the complete conversation with Ken as a podcast here (UK only)

BBC1’s Saturday Kitchen on the 28th January 2017


Ocean Palace in Sandbanks Hotel, Poole – Chapter 2

Sharing with you my beautiful day & evening at Ocean Place. I was touched by everyone I met and the support they showed by buying my book — which all went to Action Against Hunger. My guide and host, John Butterworth showed me the charms of Poole!

Ocean Palace in Sandbanks Hotel, Poole

I was lucky to be at the fabulous Ocean Place last Saturday for an event benefiting my favourite charity, Action Against Hunger. I made an interesting menu with the talented kitchen head by Chef Ping. It was a sold out event and with all the lovely people who came, it was a love fest! Zoe Wilson who organised it and her beautiful mum, both made my evening. The setting was one of the most beautiful I have seen in Poole, right on the beach. We also did a Facebook interview live!

The Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office celebrate the 20th anniversary of the establishment of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region with Ken Hom OBE as one of the key speakers on the day. See Ken on this video from ‘Implausibleblog

Ken was in the Foodie Lab at this year’s Ideal Home Show.

Ken at the Oxford Literary Festival 2017 – talking with Donald Sloan

This photo was taken at my talk at the Oxford Literary Festival earlier this month. Frank is the photographer for Oxford Brookes University and often takes photos of events I have been involved in. There was a light on the wall and he could not resist taking it…he said the halo fitted me well!
Very amusing, indeed.

Listen to Ken on BBC4 Loose Ends broadcast on Sat 28 Jan 2017

Ken and the Vietnamese stir fry at Brookes Restaurant part of the Oxford School of Hospitality Management

Ken supporting the Ronald McDonald House Charity at the “A Superheroes Night” 20th Anniversary Gala Dinner at the JW Marriott Hong Kong on 29 October 2016.

Helping to raise more funds for the RMHC Hong Kong, a children’s charity.
Chef Jacky Yu was generously let Ken use his cooking school to cook for Bob, Marlene, Grace, Kendall & Christian! My friends, the Pebeyres helped by providing the truffles.

HKG Truffle dinner Oct 2016

I was very excited to be hosting friend and actor Stanley Tucci and his wife Felicity and the head of Fortnum & Mason Ewan Venters at my home in Paris they were the top bidders for a meal with Ken Hom for Action Against Hunger Benefit Dinner, and a lot of money was raised on the night for this worthy charity. We start with fresh black truffle ‘sandwiches’ and champagne, plus many other delicacies, with wines to match of course!

See Ken in the Jules Verne Magazine and his delicious recipe for Chicken with Black Been Sauce

We won another prestigious award again for MEE It is the restaurant of the Year award given by the government tourist bureau.

There to receive the award was Rejane, our sake expert; Wemerson Oliverira, our assistant manager and Chef Guido, our talented young sous-chef! Bravo, well done.

At our Michelin star pan-Asian restaurant, MEE in Rio de Janeiro, we use only Maldon sea salt because it is the best in the world.

Ken shares his favourite Sherry-inspired recipe to celebrate the year of the rooster Very Sherry Chinese New Year

Dim Sum Table Talk with Ken Hom

I was incredibly gutted when I heard that my friend, AA Gill has passed away. It was a bit of a shock as I was with him at the China Exchange at the end of Sept and he was in prime form. A great food lover & writer. I will certainly miss him!

Listen to Ken talk about his life with Steve Allen on LBC.

MEE has just won the Best Asian Restaurant Award in Rio de Janeiro!

Congratulations to all our fantastic team in the kitchen as well as in the dining room!

Ken Hom’s autobiography ‘My Stir-Fried Life‘ released 29 September 2016! – ‘My Stir-Fried Life’ is a high-spirited, life-enriching feast in an ever-sunny world, where the chopsticks never stop clattering, the platters are always abundant, and dreams – no matter how ridiculously unbelievable – can and do come true.

Ken’s good friend Grace, who is the chairperson of RMHC HK, has just sold another copy of my latest book ‘My Stir-Fried Life‘ for HKD 10,000 raising a total of HKD 48,800 (over £5000) for RMHC HK, the children charity in Hong Kong !!! I am delighted that my books are being put to good use.

Proud to have supported Action Against Hunger again this year and help raise a record £338,135 for this worthy charity.

I’m delighted to be supporting the GREAT Britain campaign. Check out this link of me in Thailand!

Ken Hom – ‘Why I’m an ambassador for the GREAT Britain campaign’  Video

In this ‘GREAT’ Conversation talking with the outstanding creative talent Jo Malone we discuss our inspirations and the impact the UK has had on our careers. Video

See Ken’s recommendations for some classic cook books

Ken recalls what it was like to cook for Tina Turner

Ken Hom shares some anecdotes and musings with Country & Town House

Ken’s latest article in the This Is Money website – ‘my woks are built to last’

Stories of Chinese Food and Identity in America – Exhibition at Museum of Chinese in America 6 October 2016 – 26 March 2017. Read a review

Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Ken Hom Wok – read the Blogs at The Hedonist and Man In London

Wok & Chilli – a chat with Ken at Blender & Basil

Read Ken in the Luxury London Website article ‘A Taste Of The East

The chef shares one of his favourite recipes with Luxury London for Chinese New Year – Chicken Chow Mein

Ken’s Chinese New Year recipes to make at home in the Liverpool Echo

Ken’s latest article in the Telegraph – the easy way to cook with a wok

Ken’s latest article in the Financial Times

Read Ken’s secret to the perfect Club Sandwich on British Airways The Club page

A successful media launch here in Hong Kong promoting English beef for the GREAT campaign, Ken’s recipe with Asian flavours and using Maldon sea salt was a hit! The Chinese press was impressed with the aroma and taste of British beef paired with Asian spices.

Choice cuts of beef and beer to cheer promoted in HK!

GREAT campaign - British Beef

Having a wonderful time filming with the biggest home shopping TrueSelect channel in Thailand, sharing the Ken Hom wok with Thais!!


The Battle of the Noodles: AA Gill and Giorgio Locatelli Vs Ken Hom and Sir David Tang at China Exchange – London See the battle here:

Ken’s book ‘My Stir-Fried Life’ seen in Angkor Wat! – At Christian Develter’s studio.

Ken talking about how to make the perfect Vietnamese stir-fry with Telegraph Travel

Sir David Tang delivered the 2015 Ken Hom Lecture at the Oxford School of Hospitality Management at Oxford Brookes University. The event hosted by Ken on 24th November was a huge success.

Sir David Tang at the Ken Hom Lecture 2015

A special “Dinner with the Stars” was held on 16 September at the Copacabana Palace hotel.

Charity dinner with the six Michelin star chefs of Rio de Janeiro. All the chefs with Andrea Natal, the General Manager of the Copacabana Palace Hotel together with Pierre Olivier Petit, the Executive Chef. An amazing evening of food, wine and friendship among chefs!


Ken at the Milan Expo with the GREAT campaign and meeting Lord Bilimoria (chairman of Cobra) in Milan after many years!

MEE restaurant in Rio de Janeiro earns a Michelin star in its first year! Read more here: MEE news O Globo News Veja Rio

Ken serves up his stir-fried life story with the China Daily UK

Tea and Talk with Ken Hom and the HK Tatler – ‘The world-renowned Chinese chef shares his journey of becoming the most recognised chef of his trade and his food obsessions’

Chinese Financial Times article about Chinese food & restaurants in Europe

‘There’s no place like Hom’ article in Surrey Magazine

Ken appeared in “Back In Time For Dinner” on the 7th April 2015.  A BBC2 series starting in which one British family embark on an extraordinary time-travelling adventure to discover how a post-war revolution in the food we eat has transformed the way we live.

Ken Hom’s British home from home – Interview with the Daily Mail

New article on Chinese site about Ken

My favourite photograph – Interview with Ken and the Sunday Express magazine

Why I laugh in the face of stress – Interview with Ken and the Daily Express

Appointed GREAT ambassador by Prime Minister David Cameron for work promoting the United Kingdom.

The GREAT Britain campaign is the UK Government’s most ambitious international marketing campaign ever. It showcases the very best of what Britain has to offer to encourage the world to visit, study and do business with the UK.  For more information on the GREAT campaign visit

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latest book

My Stir-Fried Life


My Stir-Fried Life. Ken Hom.  The Robson Press 2016. ISBN 978-1-8495-4978-3